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Posted by Chad Savage / Sinister Visions  # 8:12 AM

See Adam Green's FROZEN This Weekend (February 5-7) ...and Save Your Stubs! 

Adam Green's "FROZEN" opens at theatres today Feb. 5, 2010. It is being released by Anchor Bay Entertainment -the presenting sponsor of Flashback Weekend. Anchor Bay really helps us to bring in the big guests and put on Flashback Weekend every year.

We were all thrilled to have Adam Green- the director of "FROZEN", as a guest at our 2007 Flashback Weekend Chicago Horror Convention back when he was promoting "HATCHET" (remember all the FREE autographs he signed?). He was an amazing guest! As a director, producer, and writer of independent original horror films, he is an inspiration to all of us horror fans, and we are looking forward to his currently in production "HATCHET 2" and his next Flashback appearance.

But before that, we all need your help...this weekend!

...and save your ticket stubs!!!

As horror fans, we all need to support the opening weekend of "FROZEN" by seeing it in theatres this weekend. The box-office figures of the first Friday and Saturday are vital in the movie industry, and we need to show the industry that independent original horror films are a force to be reckoned with. Money (and opening weekend box-office grosses) is the only language the studios understands!

"FROZEN" is playing in many cities across the country starting today Feb. 5. In Chicago it is playing downtown at the AMC River East, as well as many suburban theatres, so there will be a theatre playing "FROZEN" near you... no excuses!

So go see "FROZEN' this weekend Feb. 5-6-7, 2010 (Friday or Saturday the best-Sunday... OK) and save your paid admission ticket stubs for any of those three days. Bring them to the next Flashback Weekend Horror Convention (dates TBA) and we'll plan something REALLY cool for those fans who supported "FROZEN" this opening weekend.

What you may ask? It is a surprise... and VERY COOL!!!


Mike and Mia

FROZEN is playing at the AMC River East in Downtown Chicago.

We'll leave you with a few words from Adam Green…
"My new film FROZEN opens in theaters this Friday.  It's a film that I couldn't possibly believe in more, as my cast, my crew, and I literally risked our lives making it.  If you haven't already heard the premise or what it's about, or the fact that we shot the entire film practically (no sound stage, no green screen, no CGI, no relief) then you may have been in a coma for the past few months.  FROZEN is a truly scary suspense thriller that will have you white knuckling your chair in the theater. 
Original horror is not dead and will never die.  So if you want to see FROZEN expand, support it.  Spread the word.  Use your Twitters, your MySpace bulletins, your Facebooks, your emails- and let people know about it.  If you see it and don't like it- fair enough.  But don't sit back and let this gem of a film go quietly into the night while the rest of the month's releases of remakes pave the way.  

Forgive the brevity of this blog and my more serious tone than I usually have.  After 3 very hard weeks on set with HATCHET 2 (holy shit, you have no idea what's coming your way- NO IDEA!) and then a very long and hard week at Sundance- I'm sick, worn out, and still doing press all day every day up until the moment FROZEN leaves theaters. 
 So I ask you, my fans and my friends, where will you be on Friday?  Where will you be on Saturday?  If FROZEN isn't playing near you- what else are you doing to help spread the word.  I get letters of adoration from so many of you all the time, well now I'm calling on you to do your part and to help us see this movie get the release it deserves.  Don't say "what can I possibly do?"  Your voice can do a lot. 
See you at the cinemas... 
Bring mittens 
Adam Green"



Posted by Chad Savage / Sinister Visions  # 4:36 AM

Flashback Weekend Chicago Horror Convention 2010 

We're working on putting together another awesome show for Chicago horror fans in 2010. Please check back for details and updates. Or, better yet, to get up-to-the-minute updates:



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