Flashback Weekend Chicago Horror Convention

Flashback Weekend

Chicago Horror Con

August 4-6, 2023

Hyatt Regency O'Hare Chicago
Rosemont, IL

COVID-19 Policies


Everyone please read all of the following new COVID-19 policies and follow them while you are at the Midway. We ask that our guests self-enforce all of the following rules and policies. 


  • Everyone must bring a face covering (ex: mask, scarf, bandana, etc.) with you to the Midway.
  • Everyone must wear a face covering when they leave their parking space.
  • The driver and front passenger in each vehicle must wear a face covering when entering the Midway to check-in at the box-office, or when speaking to parking attendants. The face coverings may be removed once the vehicle is parked and you are in your parking spot.
  • Face coverings must be worn when you leave your parking spot, in the photo-op line, in the restroom line, building, in the restrooms, etc.

The driver and front passenger in each vehicle must wear a face covering when entering the Midway to check in at the Box-Office.  The face coverings may be removed once the vehicle is parked. Midway staff will wear face masks.

Commemorative posters pre-signed by Bruce (along with other registration materials) will be distributed at the box-office at check-in to those who purchased the VIP or the GROOVY packages.  The posters will be 11” x 17”.

  • Please note that a specific parking spot is not reserved, and is “first come, first parked”, so arrive early.

Until further notice, the Midway concession stand will be closed. Your purchase of a BRUCE CAMPBELL LIVE AT THE DRIVE-IN ticket will allow you to bring your own Food and Drinks. Everyone pack a cooler with your favorite tasty beverages and bring your own food and drinks into the Midway so that you will not be hungry or thirsty during the movies. For your safety and health, please do not share food between cars.  You may not cook or grill food on the premises. 

A walk up window at the concession building will be open at the Midway serving a limited menu of snacks.


  • To allow for social distancing, extra space in between cars, and increased peace of mind, as a temporary policy, we will reduce our car capacity at the Midway by 50%.  One car will park between the posts (which are normally two parking spots).
  • Please be respectful of other guest’s space and maintain social distancing of six feet at all times. 
  • Park in the middle of you parking space and allow six feet of social distancing space between your neighbors.
  • No raised lift backs or raised hatchbacks are allowed in the first three rows. All oversized vehicles with raised lift backs please park in the 4th row or back.  For safety, please do not sit on the roof of your vehicle. 


  • If possible, as a back-up, bring a radio that can be tuned to an FM station to hear the movies.  You can still tune your in-car radio to 91.3 FM to listen to the movie (in the accessory position), but having a portable FM radio is a great back-up in case your car does not have an accessory position, or if there are other issues.
  • Please make sure you are able to turn all of the lights on your vehicle off during the movie (both head lights, brake lights, and interior lights).  Please test your vehicle in advance.  If any of your lights stay on, please bring blankets, or cardboard to cover the lights on your vehicle.


  • Restrooms will be open.  Masks/face coverings must be worn by all guests when outside of their parking spot or using the restroom.
  • For the Women’s room, please use the door to the far left of our restroom building.  For the Men’s room, please enter using the doors on the far right.     
  • The restroom lines will form outside of the building.  Due to social distancing, lines will not form inside of the building.  Individuals utilizing our restrooms must adhere to the social distancing policy of 6 ft. while waiting in line.  A restroom attendant will control the rate of restroom occupancy throughout the evening.
  • The restrooms will be disinfected at frequent intervals throughout the evening. The restrooms will have plenty of antibacterial soap.  Hand sanitizer stations will be available.

When you line-up for your Celeb Photo-op with Bruce, you will be wearing a face mask / face covering while in line and after the photo-op.  You may remove the face mask for the photo op.  Social distancing of at least six feet between you and Bruce must be maintained during the photo op.  For the outdoor photo-op, there will be a Deadite between you and Bruce, with the Drive-In screen in the background as you and Bruce battle the Deadite!


  • To maintain social distancing, do not leave your vehicle and crowd around the stage during the Q & A.
  • Please stay in your parking spot space during the Q & A.  The Q & A will be filmed and broadcast simultaneously onto the screen of the Midway and the stereo sound broadcast to your car’s stereo or your portable radio.  You will watch Bruce’s Q & A from your parking spot and you will see Bruce’s performance during the Q & A on the Midway screen.


  • Please bring your own garbage bags to dispose of your own trash at home, so that our staff will not be required to risk their health by cleaning other people's trash off the ground. 
  • Everyone, including children, must bring face masks or face coverings with them to the Midway.  Face masks or face coverings (covering your mouth and nose) must be worn anytime you leave your parking space and are required in order to use the restrooms.
  • Please practice social distancing all times at the Midway, staying six feet apart from other guests at all times. 
  • Please do not bring dogs or pets to the Midway.
  • These new COVID-19 policies are in addition to our regular policies which are listed on our website.

All policies are predicated on this unprecedented event and may change.

And please follow the existing House Rules as well…